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We make things happen!!! Just 48 selected students around the world for each Master in Business Branding & Management that works on 4 startup Companies, projected by students and financed by the University, as owners . At the end of the Master the best Company, that means the best group of students Leaders, will be hired. More than just an entrepreneurial project, when you'll start the Project you'll be a partner and Owner of your startup Company.

According to our participants, it is the combination of the strong focus on entrepreneurship, the year-long REAL project and the large diversity in student body and faculty that makes our 9-month International MASTER in Business Branding & Management programme so uniquely suited to meet their needs. Take your career to the next level and benefit from:

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  • Project based learning with REAL Entrepreneurial Leadership Project financed by the University (LCP): You'll develop your Company.
  • Exploration of alternate business models via Learning Trips
  • Lessons from corporate and social intrapreneurs, as well as from entrepreneurs who started their own companies
  • Tutor and Personal Coaching
  • Seminars, workshops and Business Games
  • A clear career and entrepreneurship focus through continuous Careers Services
  • A wide range of elective courses tailored to your needs
  • If you are in the Best Group, at the end of the Master, you'll be hired by the University
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Anyone interested in becoming a more effective leader and learning to apply TBPBA University's acclaimed Five Practices of Exemplary Branding & Mangement® model to real-life challenges and opportunities will benefit from the Leadership Practices (PTP®). This MASTER degree in Business Branding & Management includes leadership assessment instruments and tools for both working adults and post-graduate students with little or no work experience.