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The International Top Business Personal Branding Academy University™

Prepare in the best way possible for your Master degree at the TBPBA University™ of Rome and Las Vegas

The International Top Business Personal Branding Academy University™ offers international students who meet direct entry requirements, special preparation for a Master degree, in Business Branding and Management, at the University in Las Vegas and Rome. The International Top Business Personal Branding Academy University™, delivers and provides a choice of four routes in key subject areas and a REAL working experience.

TOP BUSINESS Personal Branding ACADEMY University 440

We think a Master University should be about empowering people to apply what they learnt; through passionate, dedicated and innovative teaching; a world-changing research and constant improvement for the students. By embracing the fact that we’re all coming at it from a slightly different place, and that every journey is personal, we’ve managed to achieve some remarkable results in our time.

We believe that the best universities are not just the privilege of elites. We’re proof that you can stand alongside the best and open up the competition for everyone. We believe in “The Ultimate Quality Perception®“, the reason why someone choose you.

Some universities consider their primary purpose to be high quality creativity and innovation, others concentrate on excellent and scientific results.

At the International Top Business Personal Branding Academy University we think that the two are not only complementary, they’re inseparable.

We believe that teaching is more inspirational when delivered by passionate lecturers engaged and involved in world -changing processes- and that innovation is stronger when delivered in an academic community that includes students. More than anything else what makes our courses different is the Practicle work experience that we are able to guarantee to every single students.

With these ideas at heart, TBPBA University™ is re-framing the values that govern academia and re-defining what a university needs to be in the 21st century.

We are the only university that wants to be candidate for the Higher Awards from the first Years. We make your “talent at work”, we make things happen!!!



personal branding academy campusOn the University campus

The International Top Business Personal Branding Academy University™ is based in Rome at the moment. You will be part of the University from the day you start your course. As a TBPBA University™ student, you will be helped in Renting House, just a short distance from the main campus and train station.

personal branding academy progressionProgression

Completing the students’ application form on this site by the end of December, will allow you to receive a confidential offer for your Master Programme. Than to test the suitability from both sides you’ll be interviewed. Once you have successfully completed this steps you will start the next academic year. During the following nine months the University lecturers will guide you through a process in which you will be put in different situations to give your best. You will know exactly what is like to be the best you can be and which are your best qualities. Subjected to satisfying the progression criteria, as outlined and clearly explained in details during the first month of your master programme; you can proceed directly to be employed in one of the Companies outlined during your 9 academic months. For an entire year you will be monitored and coached regularly so than you will benefit from frequent assessments, coursework, international conference, mentoring and feedbacks.


personal branding academy facilitiesAccess to University’s facilities

As a student of the International TBPBA University™ you will have access to a range of University facilities like: Computing, Tablets, Smartphone, Gym…

personal branding academy monitoring and supportPersonal monitoring and support

You will be assists by specialists in university preparation. You will be monitored regularly and will benefit from frequent assessments, coursework and feedback.


personal branding academy managers and lecturersLinks with University lecturers and Company’s Managers

Your Project Coordinator will assist you in understanding the world of work choices and answer directly to your questions when studying with us. The Project Coordinator tutoring system broadens your knowledge of what the TBPBA University™ offers (what you can achieve when studying with us) and allows you to engage with the faculty and Company’s managers.

personal branding academy applyApply now or contact us today

To find out more information or to ask us any questions, please fill out an enquiry form or you can apply for a Master Programme now. Remember we admit only 48 students per academic year.

Take your chance to be a leader, apply now!!!