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Core Courses

Master the fundamentals

Starting from day 1, these fundamentals courses enable participants to acquire all basic knowledge that companies expect from a candidate and all the knowladges that any International Leader must have. During that period various subjects are approached: The Economic Environment for Opportunities – Financial Accounting – Fundamentals and Tools for Measuring/Managing Value – Foundations of Strategic Thinking – Managing Operations and Systems – Managing People to Create Value – Principles of Marketing Management – Strategic Decision Making – Fundamentals of New Ventures – Microeconomics – Organisational behavior – Corporate Entrepreneurship.

Seminars also offer relevant opportunity to learn from your own experiences projects on teamwork (leadership, intercultural development, management…).

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From March on, participants become Owner of the Company Starting UP, can choose to specialise their Master Programme in various ways. These “gateways” to specialisation consist of four approaches to tailor the program to your career goals (Students must take at least four courses to validate their gateway):

    • Functional specialisation: Finance, Marketing or International Strategy
    • Contextual specialisation: Multinational Enterprises or New Ventures
    • Industry specialisation: Luxury Business
    • Industry specialisation: High-tech Business


Focus on the functional specialisation

  • Finance All the basics will be secured and participants will benefit from a renowned faculty and the support of top ranked research and powerful networks. Entrepreneurial finance, Financial resource acquisition & issues, Valuation… will be participants’ daily environment.

  • Marketing With historical relations with corporate firms, cases studies, specialised professors and focus on innovation, participants will learn from the last updated analyses and methods in marketing. Courses will include International marketing, Marketing of innovation, Open innovation, Brand management…

  • Strategy International entrepreneurship, Cooperative networks & strategies, Strategy & innovation… the best professors and speakers in strategy speak to your class.


Focus on the contextual specialisation

  • MNEs Shareholder value analysis - MNE HR strategies - International marketing - International strategy… Close relations of TBPBA University with International firms, brands and knowledge of their inside management with TBPBA Executive Development trainings enable professors to provide participants with the latest thinking and practices of MNEs.

  • New ventures TBPBA University™ started analysing and monitoring entrepreneurs in 1998, when only a few business schools had decided to invest the field. With a dedicated Research Center, the first think tank dedicated to entrepreneurship and an incubator at the World Communication Forum, you will learn a lot on how to develop new ventures. Corporate venturing, start ups, international entrepreneurship, how to contract internationally, fast growing components will be analysed and build up courses contents. More about entrepreneurship within the International Master in Business Branding & Management.


Focus on the industry specialisation

Luxury Business

Foundations of Luxury - this course aims at introducing the fundamentals of luxury from a sociological and historical perspective (what is luxury, where does it come from, role of luxury through societies, etc..). - Luxury Strategy and Innovation - this course aims at providing a good understanding of business strategies and innovations of major luxury companies. - Information Systems for Luxury Business - this course aims at providing students with a good understanding of the importance of information technology and information systems in managing luxury brands. - Global Luxury Brand Management - this course covers all the issues related to branding and brand management for luxury companies. - Seminars in Luxury - this seminar will be assured by several professionals and industry experts who will come each week to cover a different topic related to luxury brands (for ex: logistics and supply chain management, history of perfumes, semiotics and communication in luxury…).

Participants interested in Luxury and/or Hightech industry will also benefit from:
  • A Luxury/HighTech Careers week welcoming renowned firms
  • Networking events in Rome / Milan and while on the Campus for the Learning Trip
  • Shared courses with others participants from our Global Luxury / HighTech Master in partnership with others University
  • A privileged access to TBPBA University™ alumni network active in the Luxury and Tech industry
  • A StartUP project focused on issues for a Luxury and Tech industry clients
  • Courses taught by professors expert in Branding Luxury / HighTech industry, for instance our Associate Professor of Luxury / HighTech Marketing who has extensive international experience across all sectors (leather goods, perfumes and cosmetics, fashion and accessories, components, selective distribution and retailing, wines and spirits…) and our Professor of Luxury / HighTech Marketing, based on the campus in Rome and whose research focuses on luxury / HighTech brand management, more particularly luxury / HighTech brand identity, and consumer behavior.

High-Tech Business

Capitalising on the competitiveness cluster, this track places you at the heart of the High-tech industry. Participants will benefit from: – Access to Alumni network from Day 1 in the International Master in Business Branding & Management – The World Communication Forum and learn from 4 major themes:

  • Financial resource acquisition and issues High-Tech firms in knowledge-intensive sectors require significant up-front capital to access the resources necessary to bring new products to market. In addition, significant resources are necessary for marketing products in domestic markets and for regulatory compliance in foreign markets. This course will address the means by which companies access necessary resources and the related issues for resource providers.

  • Regulatory issues in High-Tech Industry The development, testing, and delivery of products or devices, is subject to intense regulation, necessary to protect consumers and providers alike. These regulations vary by industry segment and by country. This course will address some key issues in the development, compliance, and enforcement of high-tech-related regulations.

  • B-to-B Marketing Much of the business of life sciences is transacted between businesses, even if the main beneficiary of High-tech products are consumers. This course will develop the key concepts of B2B marketing broadly, and emphasize their application to life.

  • Creating Global Health Markets In this course, we look at how global firms in the high-tech sector enter new markets and create new market opportunities through the use of economic, social and political strategies. The course will evaluate use of these strategies via case studies from the high-tech and other related industries, across countries including Europe, the United States, India, China and the Middle East.

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