Leadeship Challange

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We pride ourselves on giving you opportunities to develop your skills via a range of experiences and activities. The Leadership Challenge through the Master in Branding and Management is designed to do just that by boosting your employability, enhancing your career prospects and helping you make your future the brightest it can be.


“We aim to offer you the opportunities to gain ‘more than a Master degree’ and this programme does exactly that.” 
Riccardo Proetto and Silvia Pistolesi, the Founders. 


How the Leadership Challenge at the Master works

Your development is important and this programme complements your academic studies. A weekly programme covers not only your academic studies but also a range of topics including skills development, graduate employability as well as discover your “Ultimate Quality Perception”. These skills are essential to help you stand out from the crowd. As part of the programme we give you the information and skills you need to maximise your career. There are many opportunities for you to attend workshops and seminars wich guarantee you additional support.

The Leadership Challenge provides you with a range of opportunities to become involved with the community and enterprise in a way that will evidence your individual professional development. You will get the chance to work together on projects financed by the University, to earn money, to build your business acumen to demonstrate and develop your entrepreneurial flair!

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