Student Life

graduation girl holding her diploma with pride graduation girl holding her diploma with prideA student cities

“Having lived in Las Vegas and in Rome for years now, I’d planed to live in one of these two cities when I’ll finished my MASTER. I think these are wonderful cities and the surrounding countries are beautiful. Las Vegas and Rome have everything that a student could want in a city, it are lively and vibrant, but it are also a very cultural and beautiful county. Everyone within Las Vegas and Rome is welcoming to students and happy to help you. Through and through Las Vegas and Rome are a student cities”.


A friendly campus

graduation girl holding her diploma with pride

Top Business Personal Branding Academy is a traditional campus university, which offers some obvious and distinct benefits. With all teaching buildings within a few minutes walk of each other, TBPBA’s compact and friendly campus is an ideal place to be a student. Read more about the University campus

Food and drink

graduation girl holding her diploma with pride

“One ofe the reasons why those two cities are very special is the fact that they are very international. These cities can offer a variety of international shops and activities. Las Vegas and Rome have many markets which sells a vast range of goods, from fresh fruit and vegetables to special foods and ingredients. There are fish markets as well as lots of small businesses selling different types of foods and drinks, and there are many small international shops”.

Facilities on campus

graduation girl holding her diploma with pride

Close to the academic departments you will find coffee bars, restaurants and shops all operated for students. Study facilities such as the Break rooms are on site, as is the Students’ Union. Read more about learning resources and leisure on campus.

Bars and clubs

graduation girl holding her diploma with pride

“As a place to go out Las Vegas and Rome are perfect! In addition to their usual club nights, every club and bar holds student-only nights with special student prices. There is plenty of variety so you won’t get bored of going to the same place each time. Las Veags and Rome have a wide variety of bars, whether you want somewhere quiet to go for a drink or somewhere you can dance the night away”

Your accommodation

graduation girl holding her diploma with pride

You may live near the University campus, close to the cities centre with local amenities and a regular bus service. The University has an office that can help you for your accomodation. Read more about accommodation options


graduation girl holding her diploma with pride

“Las Vegas and Rome have a lot of festivals throughout the year, all of which show the vibrant, multicultural atmosphere of both the cities, and they are all great for students. The Olimpic Stadium in Rome holds many International Music Artists which brings international concerts, as well as Las Vegas. Continuing on the Festivals lines, there is also the Caribbean Carnival in Vegas with a mixture of Caribbean music and the Italian Carnival is very funny. Foods and costumes are great.”


graduation girl holding her diploma with pride

“Shopping wise, Las Vegas and Rome are yours perfect cities – It has all the big shops that you get in Rome or Vegas, but closer together so you don’t have to drag your shopping bags miles! The buses from the halls of residence go past the University and into city centre, dropping you right in the heart of the cities”.


graduation girl holding her diploma with pride

“As a University we have really good sports facilities, but the towns also have great sports centres. I go running most nights on Villa Borghese (Rome) and there are lots of other students who do the same. The city of Rome holds full and half marathons each year where everyone can join in. Over the weekend Villa Borghese is transformed into a sports pitch and you get every kind of sport played, from football to ultimate frisbee and Bikes”. In Las Vegas you can do the same things and much more.