The Learning Experience

We provide a structured, seamless framework to learning that makes the whole experience beneficial, stimulating and fun.

This is how it works:

We make sure there is a smooth transition to and through the Top Business Personal Branding Academy University™ for all students.
All new students in the Business School are given an induction appropriate for their course. This induction includes student support arrangements, timetables and the receipt of a course handbook.
All new students are able to name and contact a member of staff that can provide informed support if required.
Induction arrangements are informed by good practice, including University sponsored research.
The transitional requirements of International Students are recognised and additional arrangements made as necessary.

Top Business Personal branding Academy University Learning Process



Approaches to course and module delivery are informed by academic monitoring processes – and skills development is embedded in course development.
The feedback on coursework and examination performance is informative and timely. You can follow your passion here.

Flexible Learning


Matrix (student online support) is used to support all courses and all modules.

Innovations in content, feedback and assessment inform course delivery  and ways are found to share good practice within the academic community

Course development will continue to respond flexibly to the requirements of internationals students and potential students.



The University produces accurate and timely student profile information to ensure continued equality of access and provision for minority groups.

We monitor student progression through Routeway Boards and Boards of Study and promote the use of Personal Development Planning. All years students are given an induction and links to the PDP support available at University level.

Mechanisms are in place to identify students at risk – and help, advice and guidance are always available.

Creating responsible, employable Master Graduates

  • We provide work experience opportunities for all our students.
  • We liase with employers, the Careers Service and professional bodies, so that courses provide the necessary knowledge and skills.
  • We ensure research and third stream activity (i.e. our work with industry) informs teaching by team member seminars and other means. The use of external subject specialists is always encouraged and reviewed.
  • We ensure that issues such as sustainability are addressed in course development.
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