Teaching excellence

TBPBA University™ is home to two prestigious international Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and plays an important role in a Business Developement. Teaching in 18 subject areas have been graded as “Excellent” by the Students.

Innovation and Creativity that changes the world

According to the World Communication Forum, TBPBA University has the the priviledge to have two of the highly cited Innovetors and Creators amongst the WORLD’s universities. It is thanks to the work experience with some of the biggest brand in the world that professors Riccardo Proetto and Silvia Pistolesi have redesigned the Branding Process in Personal and Corporate form. This process is now taught in the University. Today the TBPBA University lead the successful search for the Branding & Management process using cutting edge techniques to improve the Ultimate Quality Perception. How others perceive you (Personal and Corporate form), the importance of branding, how to communicate it and how can you manage your team succesfully. Through these unique tools you are able to guide Companies and Teams as a leader.

Education that inspires

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The University of TBPBA is a leading Business Branding & Management university with a proud past of the founders and an exciting future. It delivers high quality education and create Managers, CEOs, Presidents that have an international impact.


According to the recently published results of the 2013 World Communication Forum, the founders are mentioned among the top for  Satisfaction and Results. Read more reasons to choose Top Business Personal Branding Academy University™.

International reputation

Research by THE and Opinion Panel of WCF published in the Atlas of Communication in June 2013 rated the founders of this Unique University as outstanding active leaders in the world of Learning for the quality, innovations, passions, creativity and results. The University has one of the highest proportions of team members who are research active in the world, with approximately 91% of members submitted for the national 2012 CONFCOM. Of these, TBPBA University™ has 84% of research activity deemed by the WCF to be producing internationally significant innovation.


Why choose to have a Master at the TBPBA University™ ?

Here are just some of the reasons to study at the TBPBA Univerdsity:

graduation girl holding her diploma with prideStudent satisfaction

The TBPBA University™ is created according to the recently published results of the “student’s satisfaction survey” of the major universities in the world for student’s satisfaction.

This unique independent survey is carried out each year and covers seven areas including teaching, coaching, assessment, support, management and resources. The results provide valuable information to prospective students and help the internal structures to improve the results they provide. The Branding Process is used in Personal Form to allow the students to unearth their Best Qualities. You are a secure resorces for companies.


A compact and friendly campus

At TBPBA University we genuinely believe we offer an experience that is different and special. With all teaching buildings and offices within a few minutes walk of each other, TBPBA University’s compact and friendly campus is the ideal place to be a Student and a Manager.

Teaching that inspires

Since 1998 the Founders practice ways to give people the Best in terms of tangible results and to inspire you to always be at the Top (to become more in any area of your life).

Competitive Advantage

Thanks to our PTP Methodology and the Practical Aprroach that you will find at the TBPBA University, you’ll have a worldwide competitive advantage on your peers and competitors.

An exceptional learning environment

The Lecturers’ excellent teaching reputation is matched by the quality of learning environments. We provide high quality resources, facilities and support services for you to learn, study and work. A recent investment to refurbish and extend our buildings is just one example of our commitment to investing in teaching and learning facilities. Read more about learning resources.

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